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What is TurfPro? Eco-Friendly Products, LLC 1-877-331-5077 P.O. Box 940783 Maitland FL 32794-0783 © 2008-2017 Eco-Friendly Products, LLC.  All Rights Reserved. TurfPro- Turf  & Garden Pro 1 Quart $29.99

TurfPro Benefits:

• Provides 73 Trace Elements

• Easy to Apply as an all Natural Compost Tea

• Works as both a Soil Inoculant & Foliar Spray

• Certified Organic, Non-Toxic and Completely Safe

• Promotes drought tolerance and disease suppression

• Highest Quality Humic Acid available (Dry Product 67%)

Make a Difference

in Your Environment!

TurfPro is the ultimate 100% naturally organic humate soil conditioner.  It is a powerful nutrient

converter and bio-stimulant that will Supercharge your soil while providing necessary nutrients

plants need. Studies have shown that TurfPro increases root growth, nutrient uptake and the

overall health of plants.  It is coldwater processed from an all natural ancient humus deposit,

thereby preserving the beneficial microbes necessary for the maximum in healthy organic soil

and healthy organic plants.

The Science Behind the Magic

The science starts with histosol, a geologic deposit from which Turf Pro is extracted. All the

following originate from this single source.

Humic and Fulvic Acids- that help plants absorb nutrients more efficiently, and is an

excellent food source for soil microbes - especially fungi. This high-quality food source

selects for the good bacteria and fungi in your soil.

Natural Carbon - the ultimate food source for your plants and the soil’s microorganisms,

helping plants resist environmental stress and disease. This unique deposit contains 60%

marine animal carbon and 40% vegetative carbon, making it more complex and superior to

other, solely vegetative sources.

Lignin - aids in strengthening cell walls, soil binding and is another high quality food source

for fungi.

Micro and Macro- nutrients in a wide range of essential organic based building blocks and


Biology- 20 indigenous, beneficial microbes including nitrobacillus georgiensis, which among other things provides a natural source of nitrogen.

Trace Elements- 73 naturally occurring trace minerals, providing an essential and complete minors mineral  package.

What are TurfPro Microbes?

Beneficial microorganisms surround the root zone of all healthy plants.  Bio-stimulants and

other micro-nutrients are used to condition the soil in order to promote growth and health

of these beneficial microorganisms. The continued use of strong synthetic fertilizers and

chemicals to supply nutrients and to suppress insects and disease prevent the growth of

these necessary microbes. Therefore, your plant becomes dependent on this

chemical cycle, the natural process is no longer effective. As man can not be healthy on

bread and water alone, plants are not healthy feeding on just processed chemicals.  By

oversupplying specific nutrients, killing diseases and insects, the necessary beneficial

microbes are also eliminated. These microbes convert elements and minerals found in

healthy soil into a form that plants can absorb.  Beneficial microbial activity is a necessity

for healthy and vigorous plant growth.

Turf Pro replenishes and maintains these beneficial microbial colonies, by providing

the highest quality food sources needed to select for the most desirable soil bacteria and


Healthy soil grows healthy plants!

What Makes TurfPro Unique?

TurfPro is the highest quality Humic and Fulvic acids on the market.

TurfPro is the only Humic acid product with naturally occurring beneficial microbes,

specifically Nitrobacillus Georgiensis and “some wonderful disease suppressive

bacillus,” says Dr. Elaine Ingham, Soil FoodWeb Laboratory President.

TurfPro is NOT a fertilizer, but nutrients, food, and soil biology that can be

immediately utilized by the plant and soil, plus much more!

There is no other natural product on the market with all of the beneficial components found

in Turf Pro including Humic, Fulvic and Ulmic Acids, disease suppressing bacillus,73

naturally occurring trace elements, and micro and macro organic nutrients.

TurfPro is beneficial when used as either a soil amendment/drench, or foliar spray.

Cold-water extracted , High water solubility.

TurfPro is listed by OMRI for organic growing.


TurfPro- Turf  & Garden Pro 1 Gallon $54.99 $39.99 TurfPro- Turf  & Garden Pro 1 Quart Sprayer